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Do you qualify to be one of i-Meet's regional Country Business Partners offering Expert Regional Information?


i-Meet Country Business Partners:

A global network of highly professional service companies with solid reputations who can offer help, information, and services to i-Meet members for their meetings, incentives, group, and events. They are promoted as the best source of information in a given area, and they are positioned to receive permission-based, qualified leads for future business. Our Regional Experts are partners with i-Meet in offering new relationships, knowledge, and business services to its members. They also help build local awareness and promote i-Meet and membership. Because of their importance in our value proposition, i-Meet Regional Experts are carefully selected, and only one expert designation is granted for a specific area (city or country).


i-Meet Promotes its “Country Business Partner” Network Around The World:

• Many meeting planners do not have specific relationships in cities and countries around the world – and so we introduce the concept of an “i-Meet Regional Expert” to help them
• We state that our i-Meet Experts are reputable and capable, and can provide answers to any question in their respective areas
• We offer the assistance of our i-Meet Regional Experts to save time – one source for all information needed, (rather than contacting multiple suppliers and wait for multiple answers)
• We default requests to our i-Meet Experts to encourage this path for leads, and we expect the majority of PQLs (permission-based, qualified leads) to go to our network of i-Meet Regional Experts
• MOST IMPORTANTLY: there is only one “i-Meet Regional Expert” slot per major city and/or country, which makes this a powerful position for companies seeking new business relationships and PQLs.


i-Meet’s Safety Net for Members – How It Works and The Country Business Partner Coordinator's Role

i-Meet Experts are also the default option for every Request For Information (RFI) sent through i-Meet to your area. That means that when a planner selects a specific supplier (other than the Designated Expert) as the recipient of an RFI, that specific supplier must reply within 72 hours to the request, or i-Meet forwards that request to you, as our Designated Expert. This is disclosed at the site – that RFIs will be responded to in a timely manner. Whenever this occurs, you will know it is an RFI that was forwarded to you, and in these cases, the response time required is within 48 hours. The i-Meet Safety Net insures that planners get their responses, and that Designated Experts receive more leads.


Becoming the regional Country Business Partner for your part of the world!

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