i-Meet offers advertisers:

  • Tens of thousands of online members
  • Thousands of monthly visitors
  • Self enabled content management

Questions about any of the i-Meet.com advertising methods? Please contact:

Jon Yuengling (USA)

David Chou (International)

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Advertising Downloads:The I-Meet Interactive Listing
I-Meet Banner and Tile Ads
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What Is I-Meet
1. Your i-Meet Profile
2.Write a Blog
3. Post a Video or Photo
4. Engage with Discussion Topics
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A few words about advertising on i-Meet.com

i-Meet offers a few motheods to promote your message or service to our members around the world:

The i-Meet Interactive Supplier listing

The flagship of i-Meet's Supplier Database.

Intearctive ListingThis listing incorporates many facets of social networking to leverage your existing marketing efforts into a convenient tool that our members are free to interact with.
• Unlimited Online Pootos
• Unlimited Online Videos
• Twitter Widget insertion (Leverage existing marketing)
• Facebook Widget Insertion or Link
• RSS lets you Insert an external RSS in your listing
• Custom Code section for YOUR HTML code
• Live Guestbook lets members interact (Content forwards to you)
• Links your employee i-Meet profiles
• Google Map showing your destination
• "Follow" technology to keep customers up-to-date
• "Like" Technology to help people interact
• Built -in Ratings Tool specific to your Supplier Type
• Built-in Request For Information link
• External Quick Links to your site, documents or other location
• 24/7 Access by you for changes
• Auomated Report showing your site-wide and member-wide connections, interactions and a glimpse at how you compare to other Supplier Listings on i-Meet.com

All this for only $2,500 per year.
Download: I-Meet Interactve Listing Data Sheet
Contact Sales: or

Banner AdsBanner Ad on i-Meet.com
(468 pix. x 60 pix)
Traditional Banner Ads are atractive for some organizations that want to pull i-Meet members out to their own website or services listing.

$1,200 per month.
Download: I-Meet Media Sales Data Sheet
Contact Sales: or


Tile AdsTile Ad oni-Meet.com
(180 pix. x 150 pix)
Displayed on every page and screen renewal, banner and tile ads give suppliers significant exposure. Number of Ad slots is very limited. You can be confident that your ads will be seen, and each ad has a click thru screen to a supplier listing page with more detail and a call to action.

$1,200 per month.
Download: I-Meet Media Sales Data Sheet
Contact Sales: or