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FAQ Categories: Answers to all your i-Meet Questions

Home TabGroups, RFIs, Blog, Photos & Videos, Media
My Requests Tab Send RFI, RFI Management, Featured Destinations
Profile TabMy Profile, Edit Profile
Tools Tab Meeting Tools, Travel Tools, Destination Tools, Communication Tools

Community TabCommunity, Members, Groups, Blogs, Photos, Videos


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Home Tab

Q: Can I set up a Group for my company? If so, how can I do it?Everyone on i-Meet can set up Group. You may do so by going to My Home > My Groups > Create New Group.

Q: Where can I respond to invitations to join a Group and or Add-a-Friend?You can respond to any invitations at My Home > My Updates. A snapshot of your i-Meet activity (Group Invites, Friend Requests etc.) appears at the top of th page.


Profile Tab

Q: Who can see my i-Meet Profile?Your i-Meet profile can be seen by all i-Meet members. You can make your profile available only to your i-Meet "Friends" by adjusting your i-Meet Outreach Settings: Profile > Edit Profile > Outreach Settings

Q: How do I update my online Profile?Every Individual i-Meet account includes a free member profile. Your profile can be updated inder the Profile Tab > Edit Profile

Q: I’m a meeting planner. How can I change my profile to a supplier?You can change your membership status from a planner to a supplier and vice versa, at Profile > Edit Profile > Basic (Profession).

Q: How do I show that I am an employee of a company listed on i-Meet?You may associate yourself to a company at Profile > Edit Profile > Basic (Association). By associating yourself, your personal profile will appear on the listing of your company at the Employees & Reps tab which can be easily viewed by all members in i-Meet community.

Q: I’m receiving too many emails from i-Meet. How can I reduce them?You can manage the number of emails received from i-Meet by varying your Outreach Settings to your comfort level at Profile > Edit Profile > Outreach Setting.

Q: I’m currently working in a new company and have a new company email. How do I change my login email?You can do so by going to Profile > Edit Profile > Contact. The new email will be authorized after you respond to the activation email.


Community Tab

Q: How do I find my friends on i-Meet?You can find your friend by using the "Search Database" tool.

Q: How do I invite friends to join i-Meet?Invite your friends to join you on i-Meet by clicking on the “Add Friend” button beside the name of your friend. You can also meet new friends at the Community tab.

Q: How do I invite friends from Facebook?We built a simple i-Meet / Facebook invite tool that lets you sign in with your Facebook Login and simply click on those friends and associates who you think would benefit from joining you and our members.

Q: How do I contact a member on i-Meet?You may reach out to a fellow member on i-Meet by posting on his/ her Message Board. Simply search for the member using the Search Database tool on every page, click on his/ her name and you will be brought to the Message Board. An email will be sent to notify the member of your message.


Find Suppliers Tab

Q: I cannot find the listing for my company. How do I put up one?You can put up a listing by going to My Home > Search Supplier Here> Suggest a Supplier Listing (on the top left section of the page).

Q: The information on the listing of my company is incorrect. How do I correct them?We apologize for the incorrect information. We strive to provide the most accurate information and would like to invite you to take control of the listing of your company. Feel free to email us at for the password and login of your company at the Organization Portal at

Q: How do I generate more traffic to the listing of my company?You may promote your company by purchasing the various Medias that are offered in i-Meet. For more information, please see our advertising page or email to contact.

Q: Where can I find more information about lead and sales generation?Feel free to drop us an email at . Our lead expert will be glad to assist you in the process of lead generation.


My Requests Tab

Q: What is a RFI (Request for Information)?For meeting planners, the RFI system is a tool for you to find out more information for your next event and venue. To do so, simply send a RFI to a supplier or an i-Meet Expert at My Requests or Find Suppliers. It is free-of-charge!


Tools Tab

The i-Meet Tools Tab contains a list of helpful links to meeting, travel and planning tools. If you have a tool you would like to recommend please send to:



There are various ways to promote your serivces on i-Meet; Banner ads, Tile Ads and the best item - the i-Meet Interactive Listing.

Q: Can I pay for advertising service online?I-Meet in enabled to take credit card and PayPal payments online

Looking to pay for advertising services by Credit Card?CC Payment Authorization Form



Q: How can I be a Featured Member?Being a Featured Member is an excellent way to gain publicity for you. Members with complete profile information and profile picture have high chance of being selected as the Featured Member. Our marketing expert Chip Stockman () will be glad to assist you.

Q: I want to partner with i-MeetWe are always looking for new organizatons to do business with. Public Community groups supporting Associations, Memberships and even tradeshows or more. Please email to get in touch with us with your ideas or interests.



Please send an email to or use our online chat function >